Friday, August 12, 2011

Working Mom: In Transition

Here is the work I did for Working Mom Magazine this month.

I was surrounded by these amazing nyora models during the shoot. They were all so tall! Hahaha! The stylists, Romina Urra-Gonzalez and Ana Lloren, and the model, Georgette Pena, are former professional models and it was just amazing to find out that they're all happily married, with kids. It was so great sharing mommy stories with them!

They brought a lot of breastfeeding clothes for the shoot and I'm glad there are so many nice choices now. My sister-in-law just gave birth a month ago and my sister is now in labor as I type and they both choose to breastfeed. I'm sure these tops will help them with the often hard but very fulfilling task of breastfeeding. I actually miss breastfeeding my youngest. It was such a magical experience.

So my brother-in-law just texted and said my little nephew is out already! I'm so excited!!! We have two babies now!!! Gigil time! :)


Photography by Dix Perez
Styling by Romina Gonzalez and Ana Lloren
Makeup by Christine LaviƱa
Hair by Ralph dela Cruz
Modeled by Gorgette Pena

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