Friday, April 26, 2013

BDJ Elite Box

BDJ sent me a surprise package yesterday - their first ever limited edition Elite Box! Coolio!

Crafty Easter Sunday x Birthday Celebration

Here's a late installment to the series of birthday celebrations we recently had for my two girls. I have another post or two to complete this year's birthday festivities, then hopefully, I'll be able to post all the other stuff I've been itching to write about for months now.

My youngest's birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year and since we were all in the city for a staycation during the Holy Week, my sister-in-law invited us over to her place and we prepared activities for the kids to celebrate the two special occasions.

First thing the kids did was go swimming. It was a perfectly hot day for a dip in the pool - don't you just hate the scorching summer heat we've been having??? While the kids were busy in the water, Oma (grandma) went around the pool area and hid a bag full of plastic eggs.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Necklaces & Ladders (not snakes)

I had this sudden urge to clean and organize our room this morning when I woke up. Seriously, it was the only thing that was on my mind the moment I opened my eyes and I was really excited about it which is totally rare, I tell you.

I cleaned up my vanity table and threw out the products I don't really use. Then arranged my shoe shelf and removed the clutter around the space. And I finally gave my necklaces a chic new home.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mommy, I'm Scared...

My eldest recently celebrated her birthday and she asked if we could watch The Croods so we did. It was hilarious! We loved it! My youngest, who just turned 4yo, refused to come with us though. Such a shame because I'm very sure she would have loved it. The movie had a lot of silly moments and that's her thing.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wreck It Ralph Party

March went by like a blur. There was this one week where I had to rush and prepare my youngest's party at school, then made some tedious-to-create invites in just one day for my eldest's party and to top them all off, it was also exams week and my husband and I had to help our daughter review. Whew! That was stressful and I'm so glad everything's all done now. My two daughters' birthdays are just two days apart and we had a total of FIVE celebrations this year. FIVE. Versus last year's three-day celebration. I seriously have to reassess what we'll do next year. 

Anyway, I just want to share what I did for my little girl's party at school. Since her actual special day fell during summer vacation, we threw a small party two weeks early. I worked around her current favorite movie, Wreck It Ralph. She absolutely loves it. She watches it everyday. And she likes Vanellope Von Schweetz, the little girl from the Sugar Rush game who gets bullied and who's ultimate dream is to race. Unfortunately, there aren't any Wreck It Ralph party supplies available locally so I had to make some.

I didn't tell her about the party and her teachers and classmates gamely helped us to surprise her. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello, April!

The weather isn't so terrible today, huh? Thank goodness. I'd say it's a pretty good start for new beginnings since we just celebrated Easter Sunday yesterday and it is the first day of April after all! And to start this month off with some daily creative inspiration, here's Fat Mum Slim's April Photo A Day Challenge List: