Friday, August 5, 2011

Chalk Magazine Feature - Aug. 2011

I'm so kilig!!!

Chalk Magazine republished my DIY Lipstick Palette entry for The Makeup Forum's blog in a two-page feature in their August 2011 issue. I love how it came out!

 Disclaimer: makeup of model is not mine

The whole idea of using a watercolor palette as a lipstick palette came from my fellow The Makeup Forum members who are all so innovative! So kudos to my sissies! :) This is a really great and budget-friendly way to store all your lipsticks in one handy container. Aside from the fact that you won't have to lug all those tubes wherever you go, you actually save your lipsticks from quickly turning rancid (since you don't need to keep opening them and applying them directly to your lips) and it gives you the freedom to mix your lip colors to come up with your own unique shade!

Big thanks to my husband who took the photos, to Michelle Alejandro of Chalk Magazine and of course, to The Makeup Forum! Please do grab a copy of Chalk Magazine August 2011 issue! :)


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