Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thumb Palette

I want this cute little thing...

Pro Metal Thumb Palette. Perfect for mixing lip colors and retouching as well. And it's just so freaking cute! :) Available at Eve Pearl for USD10.00.


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  1. I want this. Seriously. Let's buy!!!

  2. so how does it work?
    i mean is the area actually big enough for anything other than lipstick?

  3. Well, it is very small (measures 1" x 1.25"). It would be a nice tool to have (but not necessarily a must-have) for a makeup artist especially if you like mixing your own lipcolors and need to do a lot of retouch for tv or a fashion show, etc. Aside from lipstick, you can use other cream-based makeup on this like concealers, cream foundation, cream blush, etc. :)