Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Brush Cleanser: Becca Professional Brush Soap

There are so many brush cleansers out in the market. I've used those instant and quick-drying ones but I always believed that they don't thoroughly clean the brushes unlike when you shampoo them. For shampooing, I use a baby shampoo for brushes that uses powder products and a dish washing liquid soap for brushes that uses liquid and cream products. And I hate shampooing my brushes. It's just so hard to rinse off the shampoo or soap. I always end up having to rinse my brushes again for at least three times. And it's just too tedious (and painful for my back). I know of some makeup artists who  taught their helpers how to clean their brushes but I just can't bear the thought of entrusting my precious tools to another person who doesn't share the same amount of love and care for my things.

I first tried Becca Professional Brush Soap with a stippling foundation brush. I figured, to find out if it will really clean well, I had to use a brush with white bristles. After washing, the white bristles still had a faint color of the foundation I used. I had to wash it again. So I wasn't really happy with it and set this soap aside and cleaned my other brushes using my other cleansers.

I decided to give it another try and did a general cleaning of ALL my brushes. I loved it. There were still a couple of brushes that I had to wash twice (it is tougher to clean brushes that used a heavy product like a cream foundation and I noticed that if you don't wash your brushes right away after use, the products will settle in the bristles making it harder to clean them with one wash). But the rest of my brushes were perfectly cleaned with just one wash and rinsing was very quick unlike with the baby shampoo and dish washing liquid soap. I was happy. I didn't even get tired and my back didn't hurt, it was that fast. And I cleaned A LOT of brushes, look:

I now prefer shampooing my brushes. I barely use my quick cleansers anymore. I washed an unused brush that was cleaned with a quick cleanser and, just what I suspected, it wasn't entirely clean. There was product left that the quick cleanser didn't remove. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my brushes are really, really clean.

"Designed with your prized makeup brushes in mind, this unique Professional Brush Soap is formulated to clean, condition and sanitize, lengthening the lifespan of your brushes and making them work better for you. In a unique vintage-style shaving tin, this soap is designed for all brush shapes and sizes and works on both natural and synthetic fibers.

Unlike shampoo, which is designed for human hair types and can leave brushes limp or brittle, this special soap is universal in its cleansing properties. Its solid formula is made from nourishing plant oils ensuring that it is gentle on brush fibers while tough on product build-up. Unwashed, brushes can be a common breeding ground for bacteria, which can in turn cause skin irritation and blemishes, along with reduced application performance."

How about you, what do you use to clean your brushes?

Becca Professional Brush Soap is priced at Php1,250.00. Becca is exclusively available at Adora, Greenbelt 5.



  1. Thanks for this Tin! Very helpful :-)

  2. You're welcome Annaman! :) Thanks for dropping by!