Monday, August 22, 2011

Home Sale Alert

Last Tuesday, I was in SM Makati doing my grocery. I did a quick trip to the home section to buy a bunch of these...

Melawares Rice Bowls, Php39.75 each.  To control the amount of rice my family eats.

And ended up buying this and a bunch of other stuff.

American Home Food Steamer - Php1,329.75

I've been wanting to buy a food steamer for healthier meals for my family... But really, it was because my daughter & I saw one featured on a home TV shopping channel. Hahaha. My daughter just wants to buy everything she sees there and she gets really excited when she tries to explain a product they featured. She even wants us to get the Paint Zoom, a paint sprayer that lets you paint your walls and whatnot like a pro... I love watching those with her. You'd hear both of us say "ooooooh" and "aaaaah"! :)

Anyway, this steamer cost a lot less than the one on TV. And I even got an additional 10% discount on all my purchases, some were more. The whole home section is on sale - kitchenware, furnitures, linen, etc. While waiting in the cashier, the couple behind me had three sets of beautiful silverware at 50% off. I so wanted to leave and make a mad dash to find them but I was also in a hurry because the husband was on his way to pick me up.

I have to come back!!! And, aside from the discount, when you spend Php1,000.00 in the home section, you get a Php100.00 Sodexo voucher which you can use to pay for stuff in SM and other merchants. The lady in the cashier was actually efficient in explaining how the promo works and automatically divided the customers' purchases into groups of worth Php1,000.00. Hooray for GCs!

SM's home sale is until the end of this month (August 2011).

Happy shopping!


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