Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Back & I'm Staying!!!

I originally made this blog for my crafty creations (it used to be but I have stopped posting a long time ago as I wasn't making crafty projects as much as I used to. Then I decided to create another blog where I would talk about anything and everything I want to and signed up with WordPress. I was happy in my new home until I thought of integrating my blog entries with my site where I keep all the photos of my works as a makeup artist. I will be doing makeup reviews soon and I want those entries on my online portfolio as well. Turns out, I cannot import my WordPress entries to my Multiply site but I could with other blogging sites like Blogger & LiveJournal. I tried LiveJournal and it was just soooooo hard to use. So forget that and now I'm back with Blogger and I'm not switching anymore! That's final!!! Yay! :)

I'm very excited to blog again and share my makeup and shopping finds, my crafty creations (especially now that Christmas is nearing - I will be giving handmade gifts to a lot of people on my list - OMG, I should start soon!!!) and more. I am also in a makeup hoarding mode at the moment and bought a bunch during my recent trip to Bangkok and I am very excited to show you my loot! :)

Watch out for my entries!!! This is going to be fun!!! Glad I'm back home! :)

BTW, wanna see my old entries? Visit :)