Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 2 to 5: Makeup School

Earlier this week, I wrote about going back to makeup school. To continue my adventures in Maquillage Professionel, here are my school works:


We learned about contouring and eyebrows on our second day. I forgot my camera again *toink* and good thing is, my model, my good friend Annika, brought hers. Thank you Annika for tirelessly modelling for me (she has modeled for me a couple of times when I had my makeup classes in Center for Aesthetic Studies four years back). She wrote about our whole makeup session in her tumblr.

Annika: BEFORE

Annika: AFTER
I know... As embarrassed as I am to admit, the eyebrows I did were uneven. I almost died when I saw this photo. I've always been afraid to use Make Up For Ever's (MUFE) Eyebrow Corrector to directly fill in the eyebrows, mainly because it is waterproof and if you make a mistake, it's the end for you (you'll have to erase everything and do it all over again). I'm most comfortable with a brow pencil. I normally just use their eyebrow corrector like a brow gel, to soften eyebrows and keep them in place.

I worked on her left eyebrow first, as you can see it's just grossly thick (I swear, I want to kill myself!). Since it was my first time, I couldn't gauge the right amount of product to put, I basically piled it on *toink again*. But I think I got the hang of using it as I'm pretty happy with her other eyebrow. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect.


The next day, we learned about facial balance with emphasis on eye and lip correction. They taught us the importance of analyzing your subject's features first before going to battle. For me, this is the most important step that every makeup artist should always do. You have to think, think, think!

My Model: BEFORE

My Model: AFTER

Day makeup is the lesson for Day 4. We all know how harsh the light is during daytime, key point here is to do a natural looking makeup look. It's all about emphasizing features, not altering with them.

My Model: AFTER
Another AFTER Shot
I had the same model from Day 3. She's actually one of the resident models of the school. We always have to bring our own model everyday and sometimes students have a hard time looking for friends and family to model for a class. The school can assist in finding a model for you. :)


You guessed it right! It's night makeup for Day 5. So for a night makeup look, everything should be intensified but balanced. I forgot to take a before shot of my model, Ryia, who is also one of my good friends and suki model (hahaha) so I just grabbed a photo of her on Facebook. :)

Ryia: "Improvised" BEFORE Shot :) Hehehe.

After the class, we met up with Annika and her boyfriend and my husband and had a late dinner (I was starving like crazy and had too much to eat!). We took more photos and I was pretty happy with her makeup and I was glad that Ryia also liked her makeup.
Ryia On A Night Out
Hanging Out With My Girls, Left to Right: Ryia, Annika & Me
We all agreed that Ryia should wear makeup regularly. Next week, I'll teach them how to put on makeup! I'm so excited for our makeup bonding session! It will be so much fun!!! :)

Anyhoo, back to my makeup class, I'm very happy with the amount of new things I am learning. It is very true that in makeup artistry you'll never stop learning. There will always be new techniques to discover and try. It's all for honing and becoming better in your craft. I can't wait for next week! :)

School Rocks,

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