Sunday, August 14, 2011

Missoni For Target


As per Target (thru Facebook), you'll be able to browse and check out the products online around 4am, but cannot make any purchases until around 8am, EST, on September 13, 2011. So that's 4pm and 8pm, respectively, here in Manila, September 13, 2011. So excited!!! :)

Oh and they said they removed the makeup brush sets but the cosmetic cases will be available.


View the entire collection WITH PRICES (they are affordable, ladies!) here. :)

Mark your calendars and ready your credit cards! Missoni for Target will be available starting September 13, 2011. I hope I'll be able to score some items before they sell out. But most importantly, I hope they're affordable. Here are my picks:
I like the cardigan/jacket...
I also like the cardigan/jacket... It's either this or the previous one...
I want these pants!
Would love to have this coat! Love the colors!

Gorgeous scarves! I want them all!

They also have home stuff:

Picture Frames - I want the one on the right!
Cup, Saucer and Teaspoon Set - too bad I just bought mugs from Gourdo's

They even have makeup brush sets! I wonder if they're any good... Hmmmm...

 They even have something for babies, not that I have one or having one... It's just so cute!!!
Baby Bodysuit and Blanket
I read through the comments on Target's Facebook page and learned that:

1. This is their biggest collaboration with a designer to date,
2. There have over 400 pieces for this collection,
3. Some items start at USD3.00 (OMG!!! There is hope...),
4. The collection will be available in all Target stores in the US, but selection will vary between stores, but,
5. The entire collection will be available online (YEY!!!) and,
6. Prices and actual start time for will be available soon!

To view more, click here.

Shop away!!! :)


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