Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kiddie Reads: Kyla May Miss. Behaves

My then-seven-year-old daughter received this as a gift during her birthday.

Kyla May Miss. Behaves Around The World

She absolutely loved it. I took a look at it and I loved it too!

 The book is like a diary of a very young imaginative girl who writes about her adventures with her French poodle, Fifi-belle (so cute, right?). There are tons of fun and cute doodles and drawings throughout the book which makes it so much more interesting. It kind of reminded me of how I was like when I was little but I wish I could draw as good as her! Hahaha. Aside from the character's very wild imagination, I loved that this book is filled with a lot of information about the different popular countries around the world. It made learning about different places so much fun for my daughter. I knew this book was just great when almost all of my daughter's sentences started with "You know what, Mom, in ________ (Africa, Japan, Italy, New York, Egypt, Greece, etc.)..." :)

So we checked out the other titles of this series and was quite disappointed to learn there are only four. We wish there were more! We love them all!

 Introducing Kyla May Miss. Behaves

 Kyla May Miss. Behaves Live Onstage

Kyla May Miss. Behaves as an International Spy

This is a great series for young girl readers! I often reach for these to give as gifts as well.

Available in Fully Booked at Php240.00 to Php252.00 each.


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