Monday, March 21, 2011

Do You Have An Emergency Kit?

We just felt an earthquake here. I was lying down, with a hot compress on my back as I have been feeling back pains since last night (I know, I'm such a lola!), reading tweets on my iPad when I felt the bed shake. Stunned, I put down the iPad on the bed, stood up and thought I should gather the kids and bring us to safety. I didn't bring anything with me, not even my phone. When I went down, there was no panic and the kids were actually about to watch Barney on DVD. I thought it was just me until ABS-CBN's TV Patrol had a breaking news advisory about it. Wow, I am so not prepared and alert enough for this.

Merry Christmas to Meeeeeee!

Look what arrived last Saturday...

 And look what's inside!!!

Guess who's very happy? :)


Sephora Super Sets

I wish we had Sephora here... Well, maybe not really... I'd probably be dirt poor if we'd have the makeup superstore here. But can you imagine having instant access to thousands of wonderful products under one roof? HEAVEN.

Whenever I go to, I always check their value sets and gift ideas & palettes sections. I assure you, you'll find something you'll like want! Some of the sets are exclusive to Sephora and majority sells for much less than their actual value - we're talking more than 50% savings here!

Last November, a friend went to the US for a vacation and had my purchases delivered to her place. These are the stuff I got:

Tarte's Ring It In Mini Cheek Stain Set at USD25.00 or Php1,093.00 (left) &
Benefit's Her Name Is Glowla at USD38.00 or Php1,662.00 (right)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jeremy Scott x Swatch = LOVE

I bought a new watch, a Swatch at that. I haven't worn a Swatch in a loooooooong time and I was amazed at their designs when I visited their store! I saw the Jeremy Scott collection in a blog post and thought it was too cute to pass off. So this is what I got:

Jeremy Scott Swatch Opulence - Php3,500.00

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

EcoTools: Earth-Friendly Beauty

I received an EcoTools brush set for my birthday last year from a cousin and I was so happy when I unwrapped my gift! I've read so many good reviews about this brand! I did buy their 6 piece eye brush set but it was a gift for another cousin. I thought of buying one for myself but I already bought A LOT of other stuff with it... Surprise, surprise!

EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time to Fix My Watch!!!

Bought a ToyWatch in Hong Kong in 2008 and I absolutely love it! It's over-sized, lightweight and super cute! What I don't like about it is since it's bracelet strap is acrylic, the links break easily. Since my wrists are small, I had the bracelet shortened. I used the extra links to replace the broken ones... Until I ran out of links.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Singapore Finds

We went to Singapore early December 2010 to attend the amazing Zouk Out event. It was an epic party but I think I am already too old for an all night (to morning) party. I was just DEAD tired afterwards.

Of course, I had to check out what beauty stuff Singapore has to offer... Sadly, I only got a couple of stuff as I found everything pricey! And I was pretty disappointed during my Sephora trip. Their stuff were a lot more expensive and their stocks weren't up to date with the US releases. There was only one thing I wanted in the store -- the Clarisonic Skincare Brush, but it was too expensive at SGD375.00 or Php12,832.00 compared its USA retail price of USD225.00 or Php9,760.00. I still can't believe I came out of Sephora empty handed!!!

Anyway, here are the stuff I got:
Left to Right: Maybelline Total Clean Absolute Makeup Remover, Fasio Eyebrow Mascara, Topshop Gloss, L'oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer & L'oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gel Wash (not in picture)