Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY: Design Your Own Espadrilles

Espadrilles are just so comfy. And they're extra fun since now we have a lot of designs to choose from - I'm sure you've seen the different designs of Toms shoes! But to make your espadrilles truly unique, design them yourself, just like what I did. Look at what I made...

Being the cheapo I am, I didn't use Toms shoes for my project. I just might kick myself if I do a horrible job. Hahaha. I got a pair of off-white espadrilles at Kultura in SM for just around Php450.00. It's literally the perfect blank canvas for this project.

Here are the things I used for this project:
- Plain espadrilles
- Old newspaper
- Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers (I got the regular 5 Colored Marker set and the 5 Fashion Color Marker set, both from Amazon.com)


Step 1: Stuff the shoe with crumpled newspaper to make a stiff and stable surface to work on.

Step 2: Start drawing random spots in different shapes and sizes. Make sure to use the colors alternately, avoid having the same colored spots beside each other.

Step 3: Outline the spots with the black marker. Make sure to disconnect the outline, making two or three lines around the spot. Make the lines thick enough to make it the spots stand out more.

Step 4: Continue on the sides.

Step 5: To make your espadrilles more interesting, you can do a different design on the extra piece of fabric at the back of the shoes. Or you can always continue on with your main design.


Now, here is the finished product!

And this is what I did at the back of the shoes...

My very own espadrilles are now ready to wear! Cute, right? :)

This project was inspired by Erica Domesek, author of the book P.S. - I Made This... I See It. I Like It. I Make It. I swear, she does the coolest projects! I love her! She inspired me to buy those Sharpies! Hahaha. This book is such a great gift to give your fashion-crazy and crafty gal pals!

To view her blog, click here (Weird though, I can't connect to her site. Hope it's just a temporary glitch...) or like her on Facebook.

Anyway, I hope you guys liked my design and I hope you try making something spectacular with your hands! Go and get creative! :)

For painting supplies, try National Bookstore or, better yet, check out local craft stores like Deovir.


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