Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 6 to 10: Makeup School

This continues my adventures in makeup school, Maquillage Professionel.

DAY 6: Smoky Eye

The school has a different approach when it comes to smoky eye makeup. They're not just limited to the usual colors of black, brown, blue, green and violet. In Maquillage Professionel, you can use ANY color you want as long as you use just one color and achieve that diminishing or smoky effect.

Smoky Model: BEFORE

Smoky Model: AFTER

Eye Makeup Close Up
Since my model has dark skin, I was advised to use a bright eyeshadow color so the colors would pop out and give her a brighter complexion. I honestly had a hard time grasping this all-new approach (to me, at least) to smoky eye but I was pretty happy with what I was able to do. You see, I barely use color when I do makeup, I almost always end up using neutral colors. So using turquoise for a smoky eye makeup look is big step out of my comfort zone.

DAY 7: Makeup for B&W Photography

Brilliant lesson today! It is very tricky to do makeup for black and white photography. You have to be very careful with what you use and how much you put when you're making up a face. Otherwise, it your makeup may look blotchy, dirty and oily.

We were taught how to do two makeup looks - dramatic and natural. The school's in house photographer also took photos using studio lights so we can see how our works would register when photographed. I did both looks, apologies as I forgot (again) to take a before shot.

Dramatic B&W

Natural B&W

My Doble Kara Model :)
Here are photos I took using my point and shoot with B&W settings:

Point and Shoot: Dramatic
Point and Shoot: Natural

After the analysis with our teacher, my dramatic look was good but my natural look needed some modifications - the lips and the lid color looked too "white" in the professional photos. I have to use colors that closely matches my model's skin color while making sure it wouldn't turn out darker or make her whole look seem dull when photographed.

DAY 8: Makeup for Colored Photography

Today was all about colors and making sure they register well when photographed. We were allowed to play with makeup and I stressed myself out thinking of what I should do. It started with a winged eye makeup and extended the wing here and there!

My Model: BEFORE

My Model: AFTER (Professional Shot)

My Model: AFTER (Professional Shot)

DAY 9: Bridal Makeup (Day Wedding)

Today was all about neutral colors. We did a basic bridal makeup look for a daytime wedding. Since daytime sunlight is very harsh, everything has to be very natural.

Bobbie: BEFORE

Bobbie: AFTER

DAY 10: Bridal Makeup (Cross-Cultural)

This is part two of the bridal makeup lesson. Since we already did a daytime wedding look, today was for an evening wedding but with inspirations from Pakistani or Indian bridal looks. Their bridal looks are very intense, colorful and dramatic.

My Model: BEFORE

My Model: AFTER

Eye Makeup
We have three more days left before we finish our class. It's been a really great experience for me as I've faced new challenges, tried a lot of new techniques and I've learned so much. Watch out for my last makeup school entry next week!

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