Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 1: Makeup School

I've been wanting to take another makeup class since last year. It's either I go abroad or go to Maquillage Professionel here in Manila. So when Deal Grocer offered a 40% discount on Maquillage Professionel's Module 1 class, I grabbed the deal.

Yesterday was my first day. I was a bit worried as I might have a hard time following the new methods they will teach us since I am used to apply makeup in my own way. But I immediately realized that all it takes is an open mind. I was there to learn more after all. I have to absorb as much as I can.

On our first day, we learned about the importance of creating the perfect base. I was truly amazed at the French way of applying foundation. It was just gorgeously flawless! And I was able to do what our professor, Mio Robo, taught us, constantly checking my notes and remembering what he did during his demo. I was pretty happy with my work. And I can't wait to apply foundation again using their technique! For our first day, I am very pleased with what I learned!

I'll write more about my classes in the following days (and remember to take photos as well). For now, I have to go and attend my class! It's so exciting to go back to school! School rocks!


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