Monday, July 18, 2011

Topshop Makeup

A relative who lives in Singapore came home recently and I asked her to get some stuff for me. Of course, it had to be makeup. I checked Topshop's online store and asked her to get these for me.


 Blush in Neon Rose - SGD13.00 or Php458.00

This is a cream blush. The color looks scary bright in the pot but it is actually surprisingly wearable. However, after like maybe a minute when I apply this on my cheeks, the color turns blotchy. I've tried it a couple of times already, always thinking that the previous attempt might be a fluke, but it's always the same. I don't get that problem with my other cream blushes so I don't understand why this doesn't work for me. I will try using this for some more and let you know if there's improvement.


 Baked Eye Shadow Duo in Meteoric
From the Sandstorm Collection
SGD19.00 or Php669.00

 Swatched Dry

 Swatched Wet

OMG. I LOVE IT. This is very pigmented and the intensity is just gorgeous when applied with a wet brush. The third swatch is a mixture of the silver and plum colors which is a bit hard to do during a wet application. But that plum shade is just wow... Perfect for a very sexy smokey eye makeup!


 Cream Lipcolour in Tawny
From the Sandstorm Collection
SGD16.00 or Php563.00

This sheers out when applied. It softly lightens my natural lip color. I don't really love it but I don't hate it too. I think it is a great wearable gloss for those who want to rock the pale lips without looking too corpse-y. It would be perfect with smokey eye makeup.

Have you noticed how a lot of clothing brands are adding makeup to their merchandise? H&M has makeup. Forever 21 has them too. And a lot of luxury fashion brands have makeup lines as well - D&G, Burberry, etc. Well, fashion and beauty really does go together, so hooray for these one-stop-shop brands! I just wish Topshop's makeup line is available here as well. And that all the brands make good makeup! :)


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