Monday, July 25, 2011

Makeup Reads: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

If you can only own just one makeup book in your whole life, this has to be it.

For Everyone from Beginner to Pro. This is really a good book for everyone to have. It covers everything a person really has to know about makeup. It has a wide coverage on tools and skin care, with a special section on skin analysis which is very helpful, and detailed how-to instructions on correctors and concealers, foundation, powder application, bronzer or tanner, blush, lips, eyes, eyebrows, eyeliner and eyelashes (and falsies!). Of course, the favorite smokey eyes look is also covered here as well as makeup for brides, special occasions, for teens, matured women, pregnant women and tips on what to do during bad-beauty days. The section of the Ten Step Guide to Perfect Makeup is something all women should master. Then there is a section on artistry and a guide for professionals with discussions on advanced makeup for photography, magazines, TV & film and fashion shows.

"After years of experience as a makeup artist, I have put together the ultimate makeup textbook. 
You will find simple step-by-step lessons, industry tips, and insider information. 
I promise that BOBBI BROWN MAKEUP MANUAL will lead you in your quest 
to master the skill of makeup. Enjoy." - Bobbi Brown


I just love this book. It's like a beauty dictionary that I often refer to. I've learned a lot from this book and there are a ton of tips to try (my favorite is the layering of blush colors!). This is actually the most reached for book in my collection of makeup books. Of course, reading this book would not instantly make you the most skilled in applying makeup, practice is key! But this is, by far, the most comprehensive how-to makeup book out there and this will help you start off your wonderful affair with makeup!

Available at National Bookstore for Php1,235.00.


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