Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Brushes

I am so glad that I discovered Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes (exclusively available at Target). Not only do they have good quality but they're pretty affordable too. I have a couple of their brushes already and when these came out early this year, I just needed to have them. Problem was, they were out of stock online for a long time. My cousin-in-law went to the US last summer and I asked her to get these for me. While she was there, I checked again online and what do you know, they've restocked the brushes! She said to go ahead and buy them online because when she checked their Target store, they barely had anything available. Meant to be. :)

 Left, top to bottom: Pointed Foundation Brush, Small Powder/Blusher, Pointed Eye Liner
Right: Multipurpose Blush/Powder Brush

 Pointed Foundation Brush
USD12.99 or Php564.00

My friend has a similar foundation brush. Being the inggitera that I am, I wanted to have one too! Hahaha. This is actually the one I really must have amongst the bunch. My friend said she has a love/hate relationship with her brush while I just adore mine. I use it all the time! And I love how easy it is for me to reach the corners of the nose and apply makeup around the undereye area. It blends beautifully and it works great with cream foundation. A really great buy for me!


 Small Powder/Blusher
USD8.99 or Php391.00

 I got this because I wanted an extra brush of my MAC 109 Small Contour Brush. That is one of my favorites. I use it for grooming male models and when I do retouch. Since the brush head is small, it gives enough coverage to remove shine without being cakey. Sonia Kashuk's version has a bigger brush head. It is not what what I exactly wanted but I still like it and use it. The bristles are soft so that's good enough for me. This goes to my extra brush set.


 Pointed Eye Liner
USD5.99 or Php260.00

I don't think I've seen anything like this before. And I so want to try it (hence the purchase). I'm a huge fan of super thin eye liner brushes. I find that it's easiest to work with especially when I use gel eyeliner which is what I always use. My favorite eye liner brush is MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush. I'd literally die if I lose it. This has the perfect density which helps me make a thin (or thick) clean line and that flick when doing a winged eye liner. This pointed eye liner, however, would probably be hard to use when doing a thin line. I haven't road-tested this brush yet but I will update you and tell you how I like it.


 Multipurpose Blush/Powder Brush
USD10.99 or Php477.00

 Brush Handle Detail

Flat Brush Head

Look at just how gorgeous the handle is. Hahaha. Yes, I kind of purchased this because of the design. Like the pointed eye liner brush, I haven't used this brush yet. I know, I'm sorry for this premature review but I will post an update after I try it. Anyway, I think this would be great to use for a couple of things... for finishing, buffing, bronzer, blusher and maybe contouring as well. 

Sonia Kashuk also has brush sets and they also come out with special limited edition singles and sets. Here are some that are available now.
 Sonia Kashuk Brush Set - 5 pcs.
USD14.99 or Php631.00
 Sonia Kashuk Gold Mine - 7 Piece Brush Set
USD24.99 or Php1,052.00
Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Straight From Nature Powder Brush
USD19.99 or Php842.00

Pretty, right? :)


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