Saturday, July 23, 2011

iPad Portfolio

One of the reasons why I bought an iPad is to use it as a portable digital portfolio of my makeup works. Well, there's an app for that... Several, actually. But the Portfolio for iPad is the one I use and here's why I love it...

Portfolio for iPad is a blank slate waiting for your personalization. 
You can customize its appearance to completely fit your business, 
giving the appearance of a custom app developed exclusively for you. 

As described, the Portfolio for iPad is like an app made especially for you. You can customize how the start-up interface would look like by adding your logo. You can also create categories or albums (with an album cover) to organize your photos. There are different ways to add photos - URLs, thru Dropbox, etc. but I usually just add my photos thru the iTunes library when I synchronize. To view the photos, you may swipe to and from or do a slideshow. Portfolios has never been this professional looking. Amazing.

Everything about this app is great. However, I wish there is an option to email the whole portfolio or even just select albums to clients. Then this would be perfect.

Here are some screenshots of my portfolio...

 Start-Up Screen - Landscape View

 Start-Up Screen - Vertical View

 Here's how each photo is shown when viewing an album

 Swiping from one photo to another

 This is what Manage Galleries look like. You can easily arrange, rename and delete photos here.

To find out more about the app, click here.

So, aside from games, do you use your iPad for more "serious" stuff? :)


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