Monday, July 4, 2011

It Works!

Hi friends! Here is a quick post.

I just want to share with you my latest happy purchase, a spring-type facial hair remover which actually works and costs very little. Meet the Epistick.

I actually first saw this (a different brand with a much much prettier packaging) in Beauty Bar a long time ago and thought that using it would probably just hurt and pinch my skin. Then I recently read a review of something similar and it was described to be an "extremely useful tool". So I thought, maybe I shouldn't be so scared of it. I went to Beauty Bar to get myself one but the sales attendant said it has been phased out a long time ago. Darn!

So off to Plan B - check online. I found it on multiply. It is also called Superstick and Magic Hair Wand. The tool cost only Php250.00 plus Php50.00 for shipping fee within Metro Manila. I contacted the seller thru text, sent my payment and a couple of days after, it arrived.

It's funny how I got so excited over a hair remover. When I got the package, I immediately tried it and I was so glad to find out that it really really works! There is a learning curve to hurdle though, but once you know how to move your hands, it's great. And the most important thing is that there's no pinching! You will still feel pain, just like when you have it threaded, but I think that this is less painful since you're doing it yourself.

My Rating: 5 stars
Well, it really is an extremely useful tool. :)

To buy this item, click here.


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