Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Want Her Hair

Look at how gorgeous her hair color is...

Jessica Biel's Ombre Highlights

I have to do something with my hair. You see, I had it digi-permed and I've had more hater moments with it than madly in love feelings. I've always been a wash and wear type of girl and it took me more than a year to finally have it curled. And just as I thought, it's time consuming to maintain curls. I do the whole twist and scrunch thingy and I've already spent a lot on a bunch of hair products but I just can't  get the look that I want. Not to mention, my hair is all in knots. Hurrah.

Okay, so I either get a really good haircut and a really amazing hair color job OR just chop all the curls off. I am leaning towards the chopping option - it's hair and it will grow back. I've worn short hair before. I've asked friends and I'm getting mixed reactions. It's like a cycle again. I hope I won't take a whole year before I finally decide.

It's funny how we always want to change our look. If you have short hair, you want it long. If you have straight hair, you want it curly. And when it backfires, it just sucks. Hahaha.



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