Thursday, October 20, 2011

Renegade Folk's Closing Out Sale

I found out about the sale here.

I shopped here and here.

And here are the shoes I bought:

British Summertime in Olive - From Php1,750.00 to Php999.00
Talk To Me in Pale Yellow/Tan - From Php1,750.00 to Php999.00
Apron Strings in Reddish Brown - From Php2,850.00 to Php1,499.00
It took a while before I got feedback on my order. They are getting a lot of orders. But after they contacted me yesterday, I sent my payment and they shipped them out right away. And I got them today! Pretty fast, right? :)

I have no favorites. I love them all. Best part is, they're made of real leather and they're on sale. How can you say no to that?

So shop now while they still have fairly good stocks. I actually ordered loafers for my eight-year-old but they no longer have it her size (she's a size 5, can you believe that???) but at least I was able to get three pairs out of the four I ordered. Yey for me! :)

Happy shopping!


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