Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Product Review: Suesh Brush Guards

I store the brushes I use for work in a tool belt which I fold and place inside a dust bag then place in a travel bag together with a bunch of other stuff. Because the bag is cramped and there are a lot of brushes in the tool belt, I often times find some of my brush heads misshaped (they do go back to their original shape after a little while or after washing). These brush guards are just the thing I need.

You get 10 pieces a pack.

I've seen another brand of brush guards that come in different sizes, depending on how thick the handle of your brush is. These, however, come in just one size and it fits all.

The brush guard on a buffer brush.

The brush guard on a foundation brush.

The brush guards on some of my brushes.

This is a really great product that works well. I'm very happy with them. And I thought that the other brand would be better. And I actually saved more because if I get the other brand, I will have to buy a pack of each size to fit the different handle sizes of my brushes.

Available at Suesh for Php250.00 for a pack of ten. You may order online or drop by their showroom: 2F, 34 Wilson St., Greenhills, SJ, MM
Tel. 8068013 or 7823797
Store hours: Mondays to Saturdays: 11am to 7pm
Sundays: 1pm to 6pm



  1. Great review! I was actually trying to check if it's only for small sized brushes, but it fits all! Shuesh comes up with the best products!

    1. Thank you Barbra! :) I totally agree, I so want to go there soon! :)