Saturday, October 22, 2011

Christmas Stocking

I found this post last night - 150 Stocking Stuffer Ideas. I thought, this could be a great Christmas tradition to start with my kids and husband. 

I don't know with other Filipino families but our Christmas stockings were used just for decorative purposes. As I was going through the list of stocking stuffer, I wondered, how does it exactly work? Are the gifts inside the Christmas stocking different from the usually big special present that parents give their kids? Am I supposed to wrap each small gift that goes in the stocking? From whom are the "stuffer" gifts supposed to be - the parents? the whole family - siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins? Santa?

I'm getting quite excited about this. I need to find some really nice Christmas stockings. I love my Christmas stocking from my childhood. It was just plain but had a really fluffy white band on top of the red sock and it had Christine written in silver glitter. Mine was the biggest, maybe as tall as my 2-year-old. I remember feeling so proud of my huge stocking and always having that "Ha!" moment. It's probably because I was born on Christmas eve. :) My mom still displays our stockings for Christmas and she adds more when we have a new addition to the family.

OOOOOOOOR maybe i can DIY it!!! Oooooooh!!! :)

Hmmmm, maybe it's also time to change my Christmas tree decors. I've been using the same stuff for about four years already.

What is/are your family's Christmas tradition/s? If you know where I could buy nice Christmas stockings, please let me know.

To view the complete list of stocking stuffer ideas, click here


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