Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apologies... MacBook Crashed

I really like working on my blog. And it's just amazing when I see that people are actually viewing (and hopefully reading) what I share here (through the view count). I decided I wanted to be more dedicated with what I have been doing and for the past two months, I have tried to do a post every single day. There are days when I fail to post an entry but I would always make up for it the following day. Things got pretty busy for me last week and then something horrible happened to my MacBook Pro. The hard drive crashed.

It happened Tuesday morning, I turned on my laptop and it just stayed on the start up screen - the gray screen with the Apple logo and the circling processing thing or whatever you call it. It was working perfectly fine the night before so I wasn't super worried about it. Of course, I brought it to a technician and after exhausting all the possible ways to repair my hard drive and save my files, there was nothing more he could do. When I left, I started thinking about the files in my laptop. Oh my God, my kids' photos are there. I started crying.

I now have to replace my hard drive and I would have gotten a new one but I didn't have the installation CDs with me. I couldn't just accept that my files are gone forever, there must be a way. After asking around, my cousin recommended this shop where they may be able to save some, if not all, of my files. I needed to try and do something.

So my laptop is with another technician now and I'm really hoping for the best and preparing for the worst as well. I just feel so down right now. It's all I think about - while driving, eating, showering, etc. And no, I do not have a backup. Lesson learned right? Yes, I know, I know.

Anyhoo, I miss posting. And I miss my laptop. And my photos. And... Aaaack! STOP!!! But I do have a bunch of stuff to write about. I hope to get back on track soon. In the mean time, pray that my laptop doctor will do something miraculous and save my lappytappy. Ooooor, if you know someone who can help me, please do let me know.


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