Thursday, May 26, 2011

Watch Shopping FAIL

Nordstrom is on sale.

I wasn't planning on buying anything but I had to check the sale items. This is what I wanted.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Royale Silicone Strap Watch in Black/Lime
Was: USD175.00 NOW: USD104.90 (40% off)

So I ordered this last night and threw in another watch (see below). I got an email this morning telling me that this got cancelled (while the other is still in process) as they were unable to fulfill my order. Bummer.

I don't want the other watch anymore. 

I went to Nordstrom's Live Chat and asked if I could cancel my order. I was told that my order is too far in the process and they are unable to do so. Since the MBMJ watch is still available online, customer service tried to order it for me again but their system wouldn't let her so that means that it is really out of stock already. Boo! She explained that their system updates availability of items faster than their website does. She offered to help me choose another watch but I only want that watch. 

I asked if I could just return the item. She said "Absolutely!". I asked if I will get refunded for the whole amount I was charged and said the shipping fee isn't refundable but went ahead and manually gave me a refund. I had my order shipped to Johnny Air so I still have to check if they would do the return for me. I explained the situation and said I'll need to contact Johnny Air first and told them I will just contact them again for a shipping refund. She said there's no need to wait.  Their customer service is such a winner! I wish returns here in the Philippines is as easy as how they do it in the US.

So here is the other watch I ordered. I'm not super crazy in love with it but the price is just great.
Nixon The Time Teller Watch in Red
Was: USD60.00 NOW: USD35.90 (40% off)

So I really hope Johnny Air would allow me to return the item. It's just a matter of filling up the return form enclosed in the package anyway. I do like the watch but with the sales tax, domestic and internationally shipping fees, I'd probably end up spending more than what this watch originally retailed for. Not worth the efforts of international shipping. And I'm sure it's available here.

I still want the Marc By Marc Jacobs watch though. But I want it for the same sale price. :(

The Sad Shopper, 

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