Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bag Love

My Cambridge Batchel is finally here!!!

 Personalized 14" Multi Coloured Designer Batchel
in Vintage and Navy

I kind of didn't want it anymore. It took so long for it to arrive and I sort of lost my interest over it (I was actually crushing on the green satchel instead). I pre-ordered the bag from Schu last February and it arrived last May 19. I dropped by at their Power Plant store (where I pre-ordered it) the day it arrived but I was a couple of hours early. When I got home, I received a text message informing me that my bag was already available for pick-up. So I had to go back over the weekend to get it. And when I saw it, I just had this ooooooh and aaaaah moment. The bag was gorgeous.

The bag is so sleek and beautiful. And the color combination makes it such a classic piece.

I also had it personalized. I'm sure my kids would also love this when they're all grown up *gasp*!

It is hard to unfasten the bag open though, since it's new. The bag is like a solid mold but the leather will soften over time.

The best part of the bag is I got it at 10% off from Schu. I didn't ask why and I dare not contest their generosity (I think of it as a gift that one should just gladly accept). :) Originally, the bag should have cost me Php8,299.00 but actually only paid Php7,469.10. It came out cheaper than ordering directly from The Cambridge Satchel Co.'s website as this particular batchel retails for GBP113.00 or Php7,903.05 when converted, shipping fee not included. Oh, and embossing is free when you purchase a batchel. That's Php350.00 in savings for each letter!

Not bad for a gorgeous leather bag, right? I got a pretty good deal! :) And I am glad that Schu is right on target with their pricing, with or without the discount (which is quite rare for Philippine retailers/resellers who tend to overprice merchandise). Great job and super thanks for the discount!!! :)

So which Cambridge bag do you own or like? I'm seriously lusting for their green satchel! :)

To view The Cambridge Satchel Co.'s products, click here.
To order, contact Schu or email

Note: A batchel is merely a satchel with the addition of a top handle, to make it easier to move it around.


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