Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Landmark Finds

My sister recently started her new job and a week before her first day, she asked me to teach her how to put on makeup. She brought her own makeup kit and I was deeply saddened to find out that she owned just one piece of makeup brush. One piece.

So I gave her suggestions and went makeup shopping as well. And since she was about to celebrate her birthday, I got her a bunch of makeup stuff. Since makeup shopping can be very pricey, I went to Landmark in search for treasure. I got some stuff for her and I got more for myself. Surprise, surprise, right?

Here are the brushes I got:

Left to Right: 168 Angled Contour Brush, Retractable Lip Brush, Smudge Brush &
Angled Contour Brush

168 Angled Contour Brush - Php254.75

This is a knock-off of MAC's 168 Large Angled Contour Brush. The Landmark version even has the brush number "168" and "Japan" inscribed on it (meaning it was made in Japan which I don't really believe). This brush is not bad at all. It did shed but just a tiny teeny bit. Works well with contouring. And for the price, it is a great buy! (The original retails for Php1,650.00 in MAC stores here in the Philippines)


Angled Contour Brush - Php84.75

I got another contour brush and this one is much cheaper than the white one. I don't really need another one but for its price, there was really no need to think twice about it. Good thing this brush cost so little as it sheds a lot and whenever I clean it, there is a purplish color residue or bleeding. So I guess this has dyed hair bristles. However, it does what it was designed for and the bristles are soft. But I hate the shedding and the residue issue. So I don't really like it.

Smudge Brush - Php39.75

I used to have a smudge brush that looked exactly like this from E.L.F. which I super loved. The sponge tip broke off from constant washing as it was soft. That particular E.L.F. brush is not available here and so I was really excited when I saw this. This, however, has a very hard and scratchy sponge tip (I didn't remove the brush from its plastic to do a touch and feel test when I was buying it). But it does its job well despite it being a bit rough.


Retractable Lip Brush - Php54.75

I've been wanting a retractable lip brush for quite some time now. I don't carry tubes of lipsticks with me as I put my lip colors in a palette, so a lip brush is a must for me. I need one with a cover since I do not want to stain my other stuff. I just wish this came a little wider and longer.


Landmark is a great place to score affordable makeup tools. I think it was last year or so when I found my very first happy purchase in Landmark. It was a knock-off of MAC's 190 Foundation Brush. Just like the white angled contour brush, that foundation brush had the brush number "190" inscribed on the handle. I got it for less than Php200.00. It is thicker than the MAC but works really great with cream foundation.

Top Photo: MAC 190 Foundation Brush (top) & Landmark 190 Foundation Brush (bottom)
Bottom Photos: Landmark vs MAC

Try to visit Landmark often and look through their stuff. Some times you will find something great and some times you won't. And I don't think they stock up on the good brushes regularly so when you find one, grab it.

Do you know where else to score affordable yet good makeup tools? :)



  1. Tin, you should to makeup tutorials for non-makeup users like me!

  2. Hahaha. Sige, I'll try! Thanks for the sugestion Nikka! :)

  3. Great finds! Landmark is such a nice place for affordable yet awesome products. Your smudge brush looks like Marionnaud's! I want to have one too!

    1. Thanks for leaving a message, Iya! I actually haven't been to Landmark in a long time. A makeup artist friend recently showed me some nice brushes he just bought from Landmark. I hope I can drop by soon. And I'll check if they still have the smudge brush for you... :)