Friday, May 20, 2011

Bieber Fever

My daughter watched Justin Bieber's concert here in Manila last May 10, 2011.

I remember she was telling me that she wanted to watch the concert early January. I asked her to choose between the darn concert or a birthday party. My heart sank. She chose the concert. I mean, she's only 8. While I have never been to a real concert until Timbaland's Shock Value II Concert last March 27, 2010. (I went for Justin Timberlake. *cruuuuuuush*) Although I went to both of Chicane's concerts here but I don't really consider them as real concerts since they're an electronic dance music group. So those were more like a party...

Anyhoo, I helped my daughter make a poster for Justin Bieber and I got this cool idea from a cousin who said, "Baka naman may glitters pa yung poster niya ha...". PERFECT! GLITTERS! So a day before the concert, we went to National Bookstore and bought materials. Her poster was simple but SPARKLY!!!

She was so excited for the concert. I was actually so jealous that I couldn't come with her. Tickets were so expensive, so I commanded asked my husband to chaperone her. Besides, I just knew I wouldn't survive the crowd and heat. The last thing I want to do is faint at the Bieb's concert. Death.

My daughter called me before the show started, telling me that the bouncers got her poster as they weren't allowed inside. She said the bouncers will safe keep the posters and that she'll get it back after later.

My husband and daughter left the concert right after it finished, to avoid the crowds. But since they couldn't find her poster at the place where they left it, my daughter insisted to try the other entrance/exits. Of course, they didn't find it. And my daughter was pretty sad about it. I told her it's ok and that somebody probably found her poster really pretty and took it...

Zoe had a great time. And I was happy that she was happy. And I was so glad she was ok. :)

Here is what she wore to the concert. I wanted her to wear sneakers because the venue was not shoes-friendly (read: lupa). We couldn't find a nice pair (she wanted purple ones - JB's favorite color) so I got her comfy espadrilles instead. Cute, right? And they were only about Php450.00 in the Metro Department Store in Market! Market!

Speaking of concerts, I can't wait for Monday. We're watching Maroon 5! OMG, pogi!!! Oooooh, and Kylie Minogue too in July!

Are you guys going to watch too?


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