Sunday, May 1, 2011

Game Boys!!!

I did a feature on boys, boys and more boys for Chalk Magazine's April 2011 issue.

It was a fun shoot. Did grooming together with two other makeup artists who were also my good friends. I'm always happy how my works turn out in the pages of Chalk. Here are some behind the scenes photos... We did makeup in this cute little kubo!

Produced by Sara Aunario
Photography Paul del Rosario
Text and Interview Ineth Inolino and Clifford Olanday
Styling Ton Lao
Assisted by Perry Lou Tabora and Lenny Kho
Grooming Christine Rojas-LaviƱa, Tin Albano and Bobbie Millena
Shot on location at Carolina Bamboo Garden

So who is your favorite Chalk boy? :)


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