Saturday, September 17, 2011

TalenTADOng Pinoy

Hahaha. This guy is hilarious. I don't usually get starstruck. I refuse to get starstruck. But there are exceptions and I'm proud to say he is one of them! Hahaha.

Tado is one of the contestants of Talentadong Pinoy's celebrity edition this season. My friend and I were so excited when we saw him backstage and wished he would go to us to have his makeup done. My friend had already left when he came to our area so I was tasked to do his makeup.

We were just laughing the whole time. This guy is just crazy funny! I couldn't resist to ask a photo with him.

With Tado, promoting his book Tado Jimenez: Ang Ikatatlo sa Huling Libro
Since Talentadong Pinoy is a talent show, we were all wondering what he was going to do (I'm sure you guys are wondering as well). He said something really funny (sorry, I'm not allowed to say it) and we all thought he was joking. The celebrity edition will air tonight, Saturday, at 8:30pm, TV5. Catch the show and figure out why he calls himself Tado. Hahaha.

Trivia (from Wikipedia): Tado has appeared as a vocalist for the band, The Youth, for a TV show. He has had television and radio shows and big-screen acting gigs as well. He is also an entrepreneur, running a spoofs T-shirt business, LimiTado, with his wife. He also ran for councilor in Markina 1st District.



  1. im sorry, but i didn't know that he was one of "THE YOUTH" band....

  2. Sorry, the trivia I wrote about Tado and The Youth was a bit misleading and I have already edited it. As per Wikipedia, "Jimenez also dabbles in music, and has appeared with the band The Youth as their lead vocalist with original vocalist Dodong Cruz's consent. He and the band appeared on GMA Network program Unang Hirit singing the band's hit "Multong Bakla" ("gay ghost")." Apologies.

  3. vocalist poh c pareng tado s band n TILAPIA,..super enjoy ng tugtugang metal taz wazak n wazak ung lyrics,..hehehe,.i really love this guy,..