Monday, September 26, 2011

Ilog Maria

After an outreach program in Tagaytay to celebrate a friend's birthday, we did a quick stop at Ilog Maria, a honeybee farm which sells organic health and body products, before heading back home. It was hard not to panic buy in their quaint little store as their goods are very inexpensive and look very promising. I have also heard a lot of good things about their products.

Here are the items I got (left to right):

Milk & Honey Soap - Php65.00
Offers your skin gentle moisture and a glowing complexion. Wholesome, nutrient-rich buffalo's milk has a low pH level. Maintains skin's natural balance. Recommended for problem or sensitive skin.

Honey Propolis Throat Spray - Php75.00 (30 mL)
Anti-viral. Anti-bacterial. Anti-oxidant. Freshens breath, eases sore throat, quiets smoker's cough and keeps gums healthy.

Honey & Propolis Shampoo - Php100.00 (handy)
Fights dandruff and falling hair. Made using castor oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil to soothe your hair and scalp. It also contains honey, propolis, essential herb oils and spearmint oil that ease away itchiness and leave you with a minty freshness.

Propolis Ointment - Php100.00 (small)
For skin irritations and infections: allergies, insect bites, rashes, skin irritations, fungal infections, swollen and infected wounds.

Lavender Soap - Php65.00
Soothes and relaxes tired muscles. Good before bedtime. Calms away stress, exhaustion, fatigue and nervous tension. Promotes restful sleep.

Rosemary Soap - Php60.00
Stimulates circulation, relieves headaches, stimulates hair growth, prevents dandruff, effective against gout, stimulates the brain & kidneys, quiets a weak heart and relieves depression.

I wanted to get more soaps but then I would need to get more of this specific soap holders that I love which I have to order abroad. Anyway, there are about ten more bath soaps available and they also have feminine wash soap, shaving soap and even a pet soap (for your furry pets). Aside from soaps, they have toothpaste, facial cleansers, body lotion, bath salts, massage oils, lip balm, hair styling balm, aromatherapy oils, citronella fly repellent and even decorative candles, wood polish and leather balsam!

I will be coming back to Ilog Maria to do some Christmas shopping. If you want to shop but don't have time to visit their store in Tagaytay, you may shop online here. Just take note that online prices are slightly higher than actual store prices but they do offer door-to-door shipping.

Ilog Maria is located in Tagaytay, Silang, Cavite.
Contact No.: (046) 865-0018
Don't know how to get there? Download their map here.


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