Saturday, September 17, 2011

Missoni for Target Spree

I was one of the hundreds or even thousands of people who shopped on the day Missoni for Target launched. It was the most stressful online shopping experience, I swear. Prior to the launch, I stalked Target Style's Facebook page to find out exactly what time the collection will be available online. Originally, they said it will be at 12 midnight EST. Then the day before, they said the collection will be viewable by 4am EST but shoppers won't be able to check out until 8am EST. So in Manila, that was 4pm and 8pm respectively. I planned my day to make sure I'll be home by 4pm.

I got home a little after 4pm. I couldn't get through the site. So I kept refreshing the page and waited for a looooong time. I kept checking twitter and people were suggesting to shop thru Target's iPhone or iPad app. I downloaded both but nothing... I told myself, I'm probably never going to get anything from this collection and that it's probably not meant to be (the usual shopping mantra, right? Hahaha.). After a while, my sister-in-law called me to say she's in and I gained hope. Soon after, the collection was slowly uploading right in front of my eyes and I opened all categories in different tabs. Some weren't loading properly and the women's clothing was the last tab to load.

My cart had a lot of stuff and I had to edit... as I was editing, some of the stuff I wanted were getting sold out. HUGE STRESS! So I had to hurry up and check out. And I was done before 8pm. I logged out right after ordering so other people could shop. :)

Here are the stuff I ordered...

Purple Cardigan: one for each of my daughters :)

Multicolor Zigzag Print Cardigan Sweater

Passione Women's Shoulder Bag

Multicolor Stripe Necktie: a Christmas gift for someone :)

I've been crossing my fingers hoping that Target wouldn't have any problems fulfilling online orders. Sadly, I was informed that shipment of some of my items will be delayed. I guess that's fine as long as they still ship my items. A lot of people will surely be upset if they just cancel orders.

I was psyched when I saw an email from Target with the subject that reads "a shipment is coming your way soon". This is what they have already shipped:
Purple Chevron Men's Socks: also a Christmas gift for someone :)
Yes, they shipped a pair of socks. I was like, seriously, that's it? Hahaha. So much for my excitement!

But the good thing is, my sister-in-law got me this skirt when she called me to ask what I want since she was able to view the collection before I was able to and Target has shipped this together with some of her other orders.

Pleated Maxi Skirt: sooooooo gorgeous!!!

Here are the items that was affected by the delay. According to their email, they will ship this out on, get this, October 18. That's like a month from now. Geez! As I've said, it's fine as long as they don't cancel on me. It's not like I can do anything about it, right? I would die if they cancel these as these are the pieces I really, really want.

Yellow Multi Silk Scarf

Colore Ruana

The Colore Ruana worn by a model

Purple Multicolor Woven Robe

Famiglia Throw: looks soooooo soft and read good reviews about this :)

The next one was already in my cart but sadly sold out. Bummer.

Color Pattern Travel Tote

Colore Throw: I originally wanted this but got sold out so I got the Famiglia instead
Before going to bed, I was being greedy and went back to to see if I could get some more. Here are the stuff I would love to have included to my order:

Famiglia Picture Frame

Patchwork Window Panel

Anyway, I'm pretty happy that I was able to purchase the stuff I want. I am just praying for Target to fulfill my orders. They are getting a lot of complaints on Facebook and Twitter now because of the delays. :(

I've been reading rumors that they will restock or have already restocked online and in stores. And someone commented that maybe they should handle the delays first and ship out all online orders before restocking. I say, just deliver my stuff. Please.

Did you also shop Missoni for Target? I would love to see what you bought and read about your grueling (hahaha) experience! Please leave a link in the comments section. :)


P.S. On Twitter, people were reporting that the collection sold out in less than 10 minutes in stores and that some people were just hoarding stuff which they will probably resell. True enough, within a couple of hours, Missoni for Target items were already in at three times its original price, at the least. That is just crazy sad. I hope people would boycott them so they get stuck with all those merchandise and loose the $$$ they spent to hoard. Collaboration collections like this should have a rule that will limit a customer to purchase just one piece of an item and only be allowed to buy a maximum number of items from a certain collection so other people can have a chance to buy.

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