Monday, September 26, 2011

Freckles, Anyone?

This may be the most bizarre beauty trend I've ever seen - freckles. I don't have them and it would be too tedious to create real looking freckles everyday. And it would be weird to have freckles in the morning and have them magically disappear by midday because of your natural oils, right? And imagine if you accidentally touch your face and brushed/smudged them. DISASTER.

I find freckles really pretty. But they actually result from excessive sun exposure. They're a sign that your skin is getting damaged by the sun. And those who like to tan a lot are more prone to develop freckles. So if you're thinking of getting a real set of freckles for yourself, stop. It wouldn't be worth it, just think about your future deep wrinkles and skin cancer.

But to those who have natural freckles, it's your time to shine come Spring 2012. Work it!!!


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