Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Make Up For Ever Wish List

Why can't I stop buying makeup??? It's crazy. I already have more than enough and yet I keep adding stuff to my list. Since I took a makeup class in Maquillage Professionel, I've been lusting over a bunch of Make Up For Ever (MUFE) babies. In the class, we didn't have to bring anything. Everything was provided by the school. And since the school is run by the same company who brought Make Up For Ever here in Manila, we only used makeup from the pro brand.

12 Flash Color Case

This is the one item I really must have. I can go without buying the other stuff in this list but I need this. Hahaha. I sound so obsessed. But I just loved using the flash color sticks in class as it makes the color really pop out and more vibrant. The flash color sticks actually come in a foundation stick container, in 24 colors, with about three times more product than a cube in this kit. Even with just 12 colors and the smaller quantity, this is a better choice price-wise and space-wise.

HD Foundation

MUFE's HD Foundation was my favorite foundation to use in class. Gives amazing buildable coverage without looking thick.

I remember I had this. I didn't like it. I probably just didn't know how to use it. This was all we used during class. The consistency is very runny which is good for the undereye area and I found that it blends well. I've been using Cinema Secrets for years now and when I used it again I just found the finish too thick and that it tends to crease.
Lift Concealer
Full Cover

This is a really opaque concealer. It is much much thicker than the Lift Concealer so this is perfect for blemishes, scars and even tattoos. It is also waterproof which is a big plus.


A super eye makeup remover which is oil-free and good for sensitive eyes.

Round Synthetic Sponge

The teachers used this to blend foundation and the finish was always just beautiful. I just really want to try it (in other words, inggitera... hahaha!). :)

Here are the MUFE products that I have been using for the past years...
Sculpting Kit

I just purchased another Sculpting Kit to replace the one I have which is almost gone. This actually comes in four colors but they only sell #2 here in Manila. Good product but I find it too reddish on fair complexion.

Aqua Eyes

I have this in brown. I didn't know that they have this in different shades of browns. And I want them all! It is important to use the right shade of brown eyeliner on a particular skin color... A very dark brown would be too heavy on a porcelain complexion, right? And eyeliners can intensify the eyes in ways eyeshadows can't. I like this because it is waterproof and quite creamy so it's not so hard to apply.

Eyebrow Corrector

I am still having a hard time using this to fill in the brows. But I love it as an eyebrow mascara nevertheless! Besides, this gives a very strong looking brows and I prefer them soft and natural.

Camouflage Corrector Cream Palette

Correcting the skin is important if you want to have a perfect base. All correcting colors are housed in this convenient palette. A space saver and economical especially since you don't need a lot. It's not like you'll use all colors at once but only as needed.

All Mat

A primer that helps control oil. I like any multi-purpose products like this.

Mist & Fix

This helps make your makeup stay in place and last longer. Aside from that, it can transform your pigments to become liquid eyeliner and also make glitters adhere to your skin if you are using such artistic products. A good multi-tasker.

I wish I could just buy at my heart's content. And Make Up For Ever products don't come cheap. It would take me forever to acquire them all. But I can already cross out one item, I just ordered my 12 Flash Color Case from Camera Ready Cosmetics (it's not available here). Yipee! I guess I'm right on track! :)

Is there a particular product that you're lusting after? Share it with me!


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