Monday, September 19, 2011

Shop StyleMint

I'm sure you've all heard of StyleMint - the newest T-shirt label by the super twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Each tee is just USD29.99 or Php1,298.00 and they come out with new designs every month. I got so excited until I found out that they do ship internationally. :( I just get frustrated whenever I receive an email from them. Usually I'd ignore them but sometimes I just can't help but take a look. And I just had to ask customer service. And what do you know, they accept international credit cards!!! They still don't ship internationally but accepting non-US credit card payments is a already huge step to get your hands on their tees. Another shopping mantra to live by: there will always be a way! ;)

Here are some of the tees they have right now:



Abbot Kinney


No... is a full sentece
I like Fillmore the best, too bad it's sold out already. But I like Rush too... Let's see if I will order from them anytime soon. But I will definitely get me some of these in the future! :)

Happy shopping! :)


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