Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Portable Mirror with Lights

I've been contemplating of getting a portable mirror with lights for a long time and I finally had one made.

I do have a trolley mallet with lights which what I've been using for a couple of years now. It is filled up with my makeup but I still carry a small aluminum mallet and a travel bag which has my prepping stuff and the other makeup that wouldn't fit in the trolley. But since majority of studios have a well-equipped makeup area, I wanted to have the option to leave the trolley without having to move my makeup from one case to another.

Since the trolley is bulky, this portable mirror is great especially when you don't have a lot of work space. It's not so heavy too. It's also my backup in case the trolley malfunctions. You can let the mirror lean on a wall or use the frame stand. Either way, make sure you place an anti-slip mat on the table.

Mirror leaning on the wall
Using the frame stand
And I also personalized it with my name.

Now, my concern is I just have to be able to fit all my makeup in one case, which I have yet to find, because I feel like I ended up carrying a lot more stuff than before. There must be a way to simplify my kit. Maybe I should depot my eyeshadows or something. I'll figure it out...

Anyway, I ordered this mirror from a friend, who is a hairstylist, for just Php4,000.00. If you want your own portable mirror, you can contact Jergens at 0927-8273676.


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