Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY: Lalaloopsy Boots

It's almost Halloween and I'm sure all mommies are busy preparing for this event. It's always fun to play dress up, especially on your kids!

My youngest is obsessed with Crumbs Sugar Cookie. She loves her. The first mini Crumbs she owned was so worn out that its legs broke off. Good thing we were able to get a replacement before it went out of stock. Now, her second Crumbs looks, well, also worn out but at least her limbs are still intact. As early as last year, she already wanted to be favorite doll for Halloween.
Crumbs Sugar Cookie

I sometimes buy my kids' costume from the US and have it shipped here. Last year was a disaster. I ordered her a girl pirate costume because she loved the Jake and the Neverland Pirate show and had it shipped thru a balikbayan box and it didn't arrive on time. I didn't want to spend for another costume so I let her wear her ate's costume when she was about the same age as her. At least I now have photos of them wearing the same costume! :)

my girls (2005 & 2011)
I was contemplating if I should buy the Crumbs costume pictured above from and have it shipped here thru Johnny Air but I would end up shelling out around Php2,000 (USD48.00) or even more. I asked my cousin, who designs and makes clothes, if she could make the costume instead. I actually already have the costume and I am super happy with it. It looks even better than the peg and it's not expensive at all. I can't wait to post photos!!!

So all I needed were the wig (check!) with the black ribbon (on my to-do list tomorrow) and the boots. There was no way I would find the exact pair of boots off-the-rack so I DIYed it.

Did I nail it or did I nail it? Hahaha. Forgive me, but I think I deserve to indulge in my little proud moment... :)

I used my daughter's old rain boots. Good thing they still fit her. Here's a step-by-step guide on how I painted the boots, in case you guys want to know. :)

1. Clean the boots thoroughly. Remove dirt so you have a smooth surface to work on. Prepare your little crafting space - set out your materials and lay sheets of newspaper to protect your floor. Here's a list of what I used:

  • old rain boots
  • newspaper
  • peg
  • Color & Co Acrylic Paint (set of 12), Php185.00, National Bookstore (purchased a year ago)
  • KS Art Supplies fluorescent pink acrylic paint, P62.25, National Bookstore
  • assortment of paint brushes
  • stirrer
  • small plastic containers to put and mix paint in - reused from takeouts
  • water
  • old rag*
  • spay-on sealant*
* not in photo

2. I painted the cap-toe in white. I had to wait for it to dry and did a second coat to completely cover the design of the boots.

3. For the majority of the body of the boots, I mixed fluorescent pink with white paint.

4. The fluorescent pink paint was very watery and had a see-thru effect when I applied it directly to the boots. I, then, applied white over it to act as a primer. I, then, realized that applying white paint first would've been best to cover up the design and also to make the colors pop. The white paint came from the 12-pc. set acrylic paint and I really liked that one because it had a very thick consistency. It took me four coats to completely cover the light pink area of the boots since I mixed the colors and had a lighter consistency and also because I didn't apply primer.

5. I painted the top part of the boots with bright yellow paint and let the boots dry.

6. The next day, I started painting the lines to define the design. I also made marks for the shoelace holes which I just estimated. Then I went ahead and made the marks into small circles.

7. After letting the small dots dry, I started painting on the shoelaces and the ribbons.
8. Lastly, I sprayed on a fixative. I used Grumbacher Final Fixative which is actually for pastel, charcoal and pencil but I used it anyway. It's what I have available and I didn't want to spend for another can. Then I just let it dry overnight.

That's it! Here's how my Lalaloopsy project turned out:

DIY Crumbs Sugar Cookie's Boots

I can't wait for the Halloween party this weekend! :)


  1. i do not know if i could pull this off but they are amazing!!

    1. I made them for my 3yo and they're pretty easy to make! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. Those look amazing!!! I wish I would have seen this before Halloween last year! Daughter was Spot Splatter & I ended up using duct tape to cover her rainboots!

  3. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  4. Great job, they really look amazing!!
    Does the paint come off when she is walking. I did one with glitter and modpodge but it did not last, It crinckled and came off.

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! :)

      The paint didn't come off but the finish was sticky and left hard-to-remove dirt marks. Maybe there's a better fixative out there for this type of project but I didn't want to spend more so I just used what I already have.

  5. You are soooo creative. . Thanks for the idea.