Thursday, September 22, 2011

Allure Digital

Previous to this post, I talked about Zinio and digital magazines. But they don't carry all the magazines I like. I prayed and waited for months for Allure to be available on Zinio but nothing. Good thing they came out with their own magazine app for the iPad.

Allure October 2011 Issue
I did subscribe to the print version but I had delivery issues with them, so I had that cancelled and I requested for a full refund. Anyhoo, the print subscription is USD40.00 or Php1,735.00 (it is cheaper to subscribe directly from the Allure site than subscribing from local distributors) and the digital version is just USD19.99 or Php867.00! Great price! And I still have money left to get another magazine subscription! :)

Anyway, the digital version is really cool! There are videos of makeup tutorials and interviews throughout the magazine that you can instantly play (check out the sample video I took). And you get the same content as the print but less advertisement, which I actually miss... I love ads!

I love my iPad, such a useful device. And I love my digital magazines! I have about 50 loaded in it. Imagine carrying all of your magazines in you bag... I really hope they come out with Lucky and Teen Vogue soon! Calling the attention of Conde Nast!!!


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