Friday, September 2, 2011

Best of Both Worlds

This is the work I did for Southern Living's June 2011 issue. I did grooming for Cookie la O', a professional golfer.

This was actually the magazine's father's day feature. Cookie was accompanied by his wife and their two super adorable kids at the shoot. We did a couple of shots but mostly it was just of Cookie. I'm glad the magazine chose this photo. Cute kids, right?

Southern Living is a free lifestyle guide (they also have Northern Living and other titles as well). When I have work in a magazine or other publication, I make sure I get myself a copy. I didn't know where I could get this other than their office. So when I saw this in Yellow Cab, I had to ask the manager if I could have it. And no, I did not steal it. He was actually very nice about it. Thanks Mr. Manager! :)

Anyhoo, speaking of fathers and father's day, it's my dad's birthday next week and I don't know what to get him. It's just so hard to buy gifts for men, don't you agree? This means one thing, we're heading to the mall tomorrow! :)


Photography by Jojo Gloria
Grooming by Christine Rojas-LaviƱa

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