Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 11 to 13: Makeup School

Here is the last chapter of my adventures in makeup school. We finished the course last Friday and we did a couple of challenging makeup looks for the past three days.

DAY 11 - High Fashion Makeup

Today's makeup look was inspired by the 1960s. Think about big doe eyes. Think Twiggy and Bridget Bardot.

My Model: BEFORE
My Model: AFTER
Eye Makeup Close Up

We had to apply false eyelashes at the under eye area and create an extended lower inner rim to make the eyes look bigger. We were encouraged to use any color we want and I chose to work with white, gray and black. I wanted something neutral as I've been using a lot of colors lately. I miss my browns, you know! Hahaha.

DAY 12: Fashion Show Makeup

We had to do a fan-style kind of eye makeup using three colors. The lines could slant, be extended or whatever you want it to be but should be vertical.

My Model: BEFORE

My Model: AFTER
Eye Makeup Close Up 1
Eye Makeup Close Up 2
This kind of reminds me of Pepsi. Hahaha. The base colors I used were brighter - aqua and light salmon (except for the white, of course). When I applied eyeshadow, it kind of killed the brightness. I added gloss on the lids and some iridescent glitters (which isn't showing up on the photos). Anyhoo, I loved doing makeup on my model today, she has the widest eye area! So much space to work on! :)

DAY 13

Today was a do-what-you-want-to-do day. At first, I wanted to do an easy look but figured I should do something I had a hard time doing. So I went with the nighttime Persian / Indian bridal makeup look.

My Model: BEFORE
My Model: AFTER

Eye Makeup Close Up
I still had a hard time with this look. I think my previous version was more intense in terms of the colors I used. I also forgot to do her lashes here and put falsies. :( The good thing is this kind of makeup is not applicable to brides here in the Philippines! Hahaha. But, still, I want to practice it some more. I want to be able to achieve this whole Arabic makeup look!

To sum up my whole experience in Maquillage Professional, I'm glad I took the course. I was able to experiment with different products and different looks. And I pushed myself to use colors that I'd normally shy away from. I've learned a ton of new techniques and learned how to properly blend foundation which I think is a very important step in doing good makeup. I believe my whole experience will add up to my versatility as a makeup artist. I cannot stress it enough that in makeup artistry, you'll never stop learning. I actually have a ton of makeup books I've purchased from that I haven't read and I'm excited to start exploring them. I also would love to attend more classes in the future! For now, it's time to apply what I've learned to how I do makeup!

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