Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brush Review: Shu Uemura Natural 18 Foundation Brush

I own a dozen of foundation brushes. Seriously. I just counted. I don't know how that happened but they're all in my brush belt. Well, of course they're not all the same. I have a couple of the regular foundation brushes (flat and tapered), a couple of the stippling kind (in different sizes) and some "special" ones. Hahaha.

Anyhoo, I'm here to review Shu Uemura's Natural 18 Foundation Brush. Foundation brushes are often made of synthetic hair since they are used for liquid and cream products and they won't absorb so much product unlike natural bristled brushes. This particular brush is made of natural goat hair.

This is best for cream foundation. I accidentally used this with liquid foundation and it literally just absorbed the product and almost didn't deposit makeup on my client's face. With cream foundation, the product does stick on the bristles but it does deposit the foundation on the face very thinly. Since the hair are very fine, they don't leave streaks as compared to a regular flat tapered foundation brush - you get a smooth and even finish. Cream foundation gives more coverage than its liquid counterpart and with this brush's ability to give a thin application, it gives good coverage with a very natural finish. If you need a thicker coverage, this brush can also do that too but it's going to take more time adding foundation and going for a second layer. I think it would be more time efficient if you use a regular foundation brush.

This brush is also great to use with cream blushers. Each swipe gives an already-blended application! And since it applies thinly, the blush just looks very natural. I love it!

It is fairly easy to wash this brush. It is quite scary since the bristles are cream in color and may get stained. But so far, I've been able to get rid of product buildup. I also remember that hair smelled a little funny when I first opened it (they are goat's hair, after all) and I think it actually still has a faint smell even after numerous washings... Or maybe that's just me being paranoid. Hahaha.

Overall, I pretty much like this brush. I like that it can thin out even the heaviest cream foundation and give a skin-like finish. I guess this is one of the brushes that falls under my "special" category.

Last time I checked, this is not available in the Shu Uemura shops here in Manila. This was purchased in Hong Kong for HKD390.00 or Php2,113.00.


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