Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Celebration No. 3, 4 & 5

Here's a continuation of my daughters' birthday celebrations journal for this year. Click here and here for the first two parties if you haven't seen them yet. :)

Celebration #3 was on the day in between my two girls' real birthdays and the our families gathered at their favorite pizza place, Shakey's Katipunan. The kids love this particular branch because it has its own arcade. And I must admit, it is pretty awesome! I mean, we never had this kind of place when we were their age! So while waiting for our pizza, pasta, chicken and mojos (our faves) to be served, the kids and kids-at-heart enjoyed the games.

Go, Ate, go!

I used to play Dance, Dance Revolution a lot at home on the PlayStation back in college. We had the portable dance pad (and had to wear socks, yes!) and there was this particular song I absolutely loved dancing to and have perfectly memorized the steps. I just couldn't locate the song in the machine but I'm 99% sure that I still know the steps! Hahaha!

Here's my Zoe girl hitting the jackpot - 100 tickets!!! And she made sure each kid took a prize home when she had them exchanged for whatnots at the redemption booth.


Since I ordered a total of four (!!!) birthday cakes for this year's celebrations, I got them cupcakes for party #3 instead. Of course, they did the birthday candle blowing and we served mini red velvet cupcakes to our loving guests. The cupcakes were from Cupcake Lab, of course!

These are Cupcake Lab's Oreo Surprise cupcake


The following day was my eldest's actual birthday. We didn't plan anything big but it was all about stuff she wanted to do, just like last year. It was also my youngest's first day in ballet summer school so we had to take her to class and while waiting, we popped in a bookstore and got a book for the birthday girl.

After ballet, we went to the mall to watch The Croods which we really, really enjoyed! After the movie, we had a quick dinner at Sbarro - one of her favorite pizza places!

The mall was about to close after we finished having dinner and we saw this huge gift box and told Zoe that that was our gift to her. All she said was, 'haha' with a matching mocking face.

Of course, it a birthday wouldn't be complete without a fabulous cake. A pretty ombre ruffled red velvet cake from Cupcake Lab at that. And it is the same as Chloe's but just in her favorite color. 

Happy birthday, love! You'll always be our baby girl! :)


For the last (but definitely not the least) birthday celebration, we hosted a slumber party for Zoe and her BFFs. We rented out a two-bedroom suite in a service apartment hotel so that we get to enjoy amenities and the feel of hotel-living, even just for a night, as well as not to have to worry so much about clean up, pre and post party.

First activity of the day was swimming. We probably stayed for just half an hour as it was quite windy (the pool was on the 4th floor) and our food delivery arrived shortly and the pool area didn't have a proper place to consume food. 

The little saling pusa

We ordered pizza and pasta from Shakey's (again!!! Waaaaaaah!) for our afternoon grub. The girls washed up, had some food then played board games.

Then they watched Wreck-It-Ralph and had popcorn. We also had burgers and fries delivered for dinner as requested by the girls. They asked for hot choco right after eating and I was surprised they still had space for it!

And to cap the day off, it was time for the birthday song and blowing of the candle! I had her cake made by Cupcake Lab (again and of course)! She and her friends are currently into apple juice (I absolutely have no idea why!) and her invites were apple-themed as well (I'll post that soon). But seriously, I probably had Cupcake Lab's cakes and cupcakes for almost two weeks straight! I mostly ate red velvet and it's just so good that it's not funny! Anyway, this is a rainbow cake inside, exactly how my birthday girl wanted it. :)

I was pretty tired afterwards but of course the girls still had A LOT of energy! I headed for bed while they stayed up a little longer, playing Club Penguin. I was looking forward to have breakfast with everyone the following morning but unfortunately, my two girls weren't feeling well. I was glad that we were going home that day. 

Anyway, we all had a great time this year but five celebrations are a bit crazy. I have a year to plan next year's festivities and hopefully I can lessen the days and be more cost-efficient!

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