Sunday, May 5, 2013

Goodie Box

Who likes receiving a loot bag in a party? Raise your hand if you do!

If you've read my blog recently, I've been talking about my two daughters' birthday celebrations this year. The last bash we had was my eldest's slumber party with her three best friends and I made sure to prepare a special giveaway for them. 

The boxes were from Papemelroti. I absolutely love that store! I've been a loyal customer since I was a kid. I collected their notepads and my favorite was the one with a girl sitting on a desk with weather choices to tick off and a blank clock to draw on.

Anyway, each girl got a sleeping eye mask, a floral journal, a ribbon cord holder, a roll of washi tape, a cute pen, a bracelet, a mini stamp set and personalized metal hooks which are my absolute favorite amongst all the items! They're also from Papemelroti and they're unbelievably super affordable - about Php175.00 each (USD4.29)! Can you believe it?! I'm totally doing this again this Christmas! Friends, you already know what you're getting from me! ;-)

I also got this interesting paper making kit from Papemelroti. I haven't tried it but I definitely will with my daughter soon! :)

And to finish the goodie box, I tied jute string around the box and did a horrible calligraphy writing on the tags. Hahaha. I'm currently obsessing over calligraphy writing and I have this book from a couple of years ago that went missing but I found it the other day so I've been practicing a bit and seeing this photo makes me cringe a bit. Calligraphy writing is really hard!

Anyway, back to the goodie box, the girls loved it! I would love it too if I got one! I think it's such a fun box! Wouldn't you want one too? :)

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