Friday, April 26, 2013

Crafty Easter Sunday x Birthday Celebration

Here's a late installment to the series of birthday celebrations we recently had for my two girls. I have another post or two to complete this year's birthday festivities, then hopefully, I'll be able to post all the other stuff I've been itching to write about for months now.

My youngest's birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year and since we were all in the city for a staycation during the Holy Week, my sister-in-law invited us over to her place and we prepared activities for the kids to celebrate the two special occasions.

First thing the kids did was go swimming. It was a perfectly hot day for a dip in the pool - don't you just hate the scorching summer heat we've been having??? While the kids were busy in the water, Oma (grandma) went around the pool area and hid a bag full of plastic eggs.

After the kids freshened up, it was time for some egg hunting.

The kids exchanged their eggs for a prize which the SIL prepared (thanks, Wing!) and they all got a bag filled with goodies - a book, a box of crayons, a coloring book, etc. :)

Afterwards, we did some Easter arts & crafts. Each kid got a bag filled with materials for the four projects we did. This made the distribution a whole lot easier and faster!

For the first activity, the kids made a bunny mask. The husband helped me prepare the materials the night before and he cut-out the masks and pink ears. The kids glued cotton balls on to the mask and I just find it funny how these kids hate touching the gooey thing. They would literally panic and run to the bathroom the moment they get glue on their fingers. 

Next, they made egg puppets with moving eyes! Very simple and super cute! :)

The Ws

Then the kids made a peek-a-boo chickadee and decorated the cracked egg with colorful shapes which I punched out from my stash of scrap paper.

And lastly, they each made a cute handprinted bunny. 

Here's the birthday girl with her masterpiece! This is my favorite among the four projects they did! Definitely a keeper and worth framing! :)

After dinner, we had the blowing of the birthday candle and of course, the opening of presents! Here's Chloe's beautiful ombre ruffled red velvet cake from Cupcake Lab. I swear, they make the best red velvets in town - perfectly moist and not diabetes-level sweet! 

Yes, I'm doing the nakikiblow-ng-candle face! Hahaha!
And here's Chloe with Opa, Oma and Koku (my husband's brother who is currently working abroad and who we all miss terribly) on Skype!

I also prepared some Easter games for the kids. The first one was a movement game where I printed out directions that were easy for kids to do (like hop like a bunny) and rolled up the strips of paper and placed them in a big egg. For a really short period of time, they enjoyed taking turns picking out a piece of paper and acting out whatever was being asked of them.

Then I prepared a memory game where I hid small identical toys in eggs for the kids to match. I had to rummage through my daughters' room to find random itty bitty toys in pairs and I swear, they have too much stuff! The kids didn't really play the game but they liked shaking the eggs and the sound it made.

As expected, the kids had their own idea of fun!


I also prepared a small giveaway for the kids. Inside was a plastic egg with a cute little stuffed toy. I wrapped them up in japanese paper and colored twine.

Here's Chloe with her Easter egg cookie from Oma. Thanks, Omie!

So that ends Chloe's second (for the year) birthday celebration! Check out her previous party here if you haven't yet. Anyway, we all had a great time! We're definitely doing more arts & crafts activities again next Easter! Here's a photo of the kids' artworks:

How did you celebrate Easter Sunday? :)

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