Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Favorite Find at the Moment

A couple of weeks ago, my sister came home from a trip to Korea. My Mom, and my other sister and I begged her to go to Duty Free so we picked her up at the airport and went straight to the place. Our Duty Free is nothing compared to the ones in other countries but regardless, it is impossible to go home without buying anything. Even just a pack of chocolates.

I found this beautiful tissue holder. It wasn't something I need. But I wanted it. I "ooooooh"-ed and "aaaaaaaah"-ed when I saw it. And it was just USD18.00. How could I leave the place without it?

I absolutely fell in love with the design - the print, the scalloped edges with a shiny thin silver outline and the embossed floral detail at the bottom.

Bonus part: the opposite side has a totally different design. Very masculine.

Of course, I prefer the lovely women design. And so do my girls when I asked them which they liked best. Maybe I could pass this on to one of them when they're older. Oooooh, I hope they won't fight over it. Darn! I wish I bought another one. 

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