Friday, November 16, 2012

DIY? Oui!

Quick DIY post. 

I asked my daughter for this canvas pouch (actually, more of stole) which was part of a loot bag she got from her cousin's birthday party. It has been lying around the house so I assumed she didn't really care much for it. And I did. So I "asked" for it. Ha!

I wanted a word design and chose "oui" which is yes in french. I opened my Font Book app and searched for the perfect cursive font. Perfect combo, right? Oui!

I wanted to add shadow detail and wanted to be extra sure where to place the shadows so I utilized Photoshop for reference.

I drew on my design with pencil first and I'm glad I did but it's quite hard to erase it. Is there such thing as fabric eraser? I'm sure there is! Let me take a quick look on Ha! Of course there is! Amazon is amazing. Adding that to my cart now...

I loved making the pouch so much that I bought canvas and zippers and had more pouches made! Can't wait to make more! And I can now replace the pouch I "asked" from the little one. :)

Materials used:
- blank canvas pouch
- Sharpie Paint in silver
- Sharpie Stained in black
- pencil, eraser, ruler

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