Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Makeup Organization: Labels

I fixed my kit earlier, preparing for a makeup job I'm doing tomorrow and I finally replaced the the old labels I have on some of my makeup that have turned really dirty. It was really horrible, I couldn't read them anymore! So I took out my trusty-but-dying label maker and made some.

My Dymo's screen is already busted. Sometimes I print them out all wrong. Maybe it's time to get a new and better one? I've had this for about 4 to 5 years already.

I place the labels on the side of the compact powders and since it is curvy, I need the labels to be smaller than the actual size of the sticker. I use the smallest font size and trim out the extra space at the top and bottom parts.

This is how dirty the old labels were:

That was just horrible, right?

Things are so much easier when you're organized and know where things are. I love that machine. Such a great invention! :)

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