Monday, July 9, 2012


I love fonts. I think all people do. Well, most, at least, hopefully. I love them so much that I hoard them. And I always question myself why I have so much when my head starts aching from searching for that perfect font when I'm working on a project.

My favorite are script fonts. Maybe because my script is horrible and I've always had this desire to be calligraphist. Hopeless combination. I also love handwritten fonts and I found this website with handwritten fonts submitted by readers. It's very interesting to see so much different handwriting.

Kevin & Amanda Font For Peas

Here are my faves:

They also have some cute dingbat fonts:


To my surprise, they have another site of free scrapbook fonts! More freebies!

Kevin & Amanda Free Scrapbook Fronts

And there are a lot of interesting fonts:

It's really just amazing how fonts have the ability to evoke a certain mood or feeling. Go ahead, check the websites out and download away! They're free! FREE! :)

Kevin & Amanda Fonts For Peas, click HERE.
Kevin & Amanda Free Scrapbook Fonts, click HERE.

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