Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Tweezerman Tweezers

I have never owned a pair of Tweezerman tweezers in my life until recently.  I always thought this brand can not be any more superior than the other ones I've used and tried. I mean, they all pluck out hair - how hard can that be? And now I understand why people say that Tweezerman is the Rolls Royce of tweezers. True story.

First of all, let me just say, I think I have the cutest pair of Tweezerman tweezers. This is the Cheetah Orange from their Electric Safari collection. Adorable, right? :)

What I absolutely loved about it when I first tried it was that I didn't need a strong grip or give it a major squeeze when plucking out hair. I had a Solingen which gave my thumb and pointer finger cramps after using it.

The slanted tip really gets to the shortest stubbiest hair.

Such an amazing tool. I will never stray away from these. I absolutely love it.

Best thing about this is that I got it for just USD11.00 or Php478.00 from Sephora (a pair of full-sized Tweezerman tweezers go for about USD20.00 to USD25.00). Great deal, no? I should get another pair for my makeup kit...

Locally, Tweezerman is available at Beauty Bar.


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