Thursday, December 29, 2011

More DIY Christmas Presents

This is my most ambitious DIY project to date. I am so happy how it turned out. My mother-in-law and grandma-in-law loved their presents!

Photo Tile Coasters
This set is for Inay, my husband's lola or grandma. I originally planned to make one tile for each of her great-grandchild but thought what would she do with so many coasters (she has 16 GGKs), right? So I figured, one tile per family would just be perfect. :)

my babies :)
The project itself was pretty easy but a little time consuming. I had a hard time looking for materials. I discovered that 4x4 tiles are very hard to find here in Manila - the smallest and most common you'll see is an 8x8. I've visited hardware stores and home depots and found none. Someone suggested to just have it cut but the store wouldn't cut it for you - they don't have the tools, I guess. For the detailed list of materials and instructions, click here.

Aside from the tiles, I also had trouble looking for the final coating spray. I wanted to check out the arts supply store in SM North EDSA but I didn't have time to travel all the way there and get stuck in the horrible holiday traffic. I just read the labels of the different sprays and got the one which I figured probably does the same thing. :)


Aside from the tile coasters, I also made two more DIY Christmas presents:
Personalized "Ghost" Notebooks

I made a lot of these last year (Christmas 2010), I even had a smaller sized notebook, but was not able to take photos as I was rushing to finish them and send them out. I DIYed A LOT of presents last Christmas and I have learned my lesson. Hahaha.


Personalized Notecards
with embossed frame and a letter cutout

Which reminds me, I need to make notecards for my own family to use. I often find myself getting rattled when I can't find a gift tag and there's no time to make one. I'll make different designs - one from the whole family, another from my two kids and another from my eldest (she has her own parties now, you know). :) Oh, plus the notebook my sister's been asking me to make and a set of notecards for a dear friend. :)

If you want your own photo coasters, "ghost" notebooks and/or notecards, you can order from me and I'll make them for you. :) Please visit my crafty online store - Bunch of Crafts - you'll find more beautifully handmade projects by yours truly! :)


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